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About Craft Collective
Innovation Lab

Craft Collective began its journey as a premier food and beverage consulting agency, focused on elevating the F&B sector in South Africa through industry-specific solutions and expert guidance. After a decade of impactful work within the traditional F&B Consulting field, we have evolved our focus, transitioning into Craft Collective Innovation Lab, South Africa’s first Food and Beverage Industry Think Tank.

Craft Collective Innovation Lab

Our Mission

Our mission is to champion & incubate growth and innovation within the Food and Beverage industry in South Africa, fostering a dynamic and sustainable entrepreneurial environment that cultivates creativity, collaboration, and excellence.

Craft Collective Innovation Lab

Our Vision

We envision a thriving and diverse South African F&B industry, recognised globally for its quality, innovation, and sustainable practices. We aim to be the catalyst driving this transformation, through insightful research, continuous learning opportunities, and strategic guidance.

Craft Collective Innovation Lab

Our Values

Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Collaboration, and Impact shape our work at Craft Collective Innovation Lab. These values guide us as we strive to provide best-in-class services to our clients and create a positive ripple effect in the South African F&B landscape.

Craft Collective Innovation Lab

Our Team

Tara Drake

As our Executive Director & Lead Consultant, Tara is a qualified chef, food entrepreneur, and an F&B consultant with a decade’s experience. Her passion for the industry drives the vision of Craft Collective Innovation Lab.

Lee Drake

Our Strategic Business Consultant, with decades of experience in hospitality entrepreneurship, Lee brings a wealth of business insight and strategic acumen to our team, ensuring our services and strategies are always business-focused and result-oriented.

Joie Isaacs

Joie, as the Head Researcher and Admin Support, utilising her psychology degree focused on social sciences, ensures we are always on top of industry and consumer trends, with unique insights into behaviours and motivations that impact the food & beverage landscape. Joie also ensures the administrative aspect of our operations runs smoothly.

Tian van Rensburg

Tian, our Media & Communications Manager, creates and implements our communication strategies, connecting us effectively with our audience. Tian also designs and implements innovative digital marketing strategies for our clients, driving their objectives through dynamic content and accurate reporting.

Craft Collective Innovation Lab

Why Us?

Our team’s combined experience in the F&B sector, along with our history as a leading consulting agency, positions us uniquely to understand the nuances of the industry. Our comprehensive offerings, ranging from localised industry research reports to product development consultancy services, ensure that we can serve every need of the F&B entrepreneur or established brand. Craft Collective Innovation Lab is committed to crafting your business’s future in the Food and Beverage industry.

Our Clients

Anastellar brands
Business Advisory Clinic
CTE investments
Ocean Breeze hotel
The cove restaurant

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